5 lessons from a faith heroine.

Rehab might seem like some obscure character from the old testament who played a supporting role in the 007 mission Joshua sent his spy agents on to Jericho. But she is so much more than that. In the list of great faith examples like Noah, Abraham and Moses she is mentioned (Heb 11:31). James also mentions her as an example of faith in action (James 2:25). She also appears in Jesus’ genealogy (Matt 1:5). This woman has some great lessons we can apply, we have only listed 5.

1. Act on the information you have. 

The spies were not with Rehab long enough to give her a series of Bible studies, she didn’t fully understand who God was but she went with what little she knew. She took a massive leap of faith when she had to choose between country and conscience.

Sometimes we may delay on making a decision to act on something because we don’t have enough information. We procrastinate because we think we need all the information before making a choice. Don’t get me wrong information is great, but sometimes we sit on the information we already have and not act whilst looking for more. Rehab had heard what God had done for the Israelites and that was enough for her to trust Him. God asks us to act in faith as a demonstration of our trust in Him. 

2. No matter your background you can be a heroine of faith. 

Rehab was a heathen and a prostitute (even in the new testament her reputation didn’t leave her). She didn’t have a deep relationship with God that some of these faith giants had like Abraham and Noah. However she didn’t let her past or who she was keep her from being saved. She realised that she didn’t have to go down when the city was destroyed and initiated an agreement between her and the spies to ensure she was saved with her family  and did her part in order to allow God to do His part. 

3. Think of others

Rehab didn’t just look out for herself and her salvation. She also wanted her family to be saved too. Because of her faith her family could be saved. It can be easy to just think about ourselves and our need but Jesus has chosen us to help others come to know Him and also believe in Him so they too can be saved. Keep persisting and praying for your family and friends so that they can also come to know Jesus. 

4. Move past fear, to faith, then service

It was known throughout Jericho, how God had dramatically delivered the Israelites, the parting of the Red sea and the victories over other nations. The people of Jericho were scared of the Israelites coming after them. Whilst the rest of Jericho, including the king were fearful, Rahab moved past the fear to faith, believing that God will give the Israelites the land. More importantly she moved to service, doing her part to help the spies. As James says, what good is having faith if you don’t show it by your actions? (James 2:14)

5. Be obedient

After their agreement, Rehab was given specific instructions to ensure that her and her family were saved. She wouldn’t betray the spies, they all had to be in the house to be saved and she had to tie a red piece of cloth on her window. She had to follow these instructions to be saved. It is only through the sacrifice of Jesus that we are saved. He also asks us to be obedient to His commandments. Not so that we can be saved but so that we can show our love and trust in Jesus (1 John 5:3).

Rehab is an incredible woman who left us an example of what faith in action looks like. May her example demonstrate to us that when we take that leap of faith we will see God keep His promises.  

Are there areas in you life where God is asking you to take a leap of faith for Him?

For more on Rehab’s story read Joshua 2 & Joshua 6:23-25