In this post-modern, post-christian, post-truth world why choose to be rooted in the Bible of all things? A book that was written literally thousands of years ago, by people who don’t face the same modern challenges, written by people with traditions and cultures completely different from mine. Why choose to be rooted in the Bible?

For me, the answer lies in what makes the Bible special, and that is it’s inspiration. God the Holy Spirit inspired the writers. God who is the author of the Bible used about 40 pairs of hands over period of 1,500 years to write it. (See 1 Peter 1:21 and 2 Timothy 3:16)

The cool thing about the Bible is that it provides the evidence for it’s inspiration. The historical narratives in the Bible are backed up by historical findings. Then there are the prophesies which were written by people who didn’t even understand what they were writing about (see Daniel 8:27) but now we have the advantage of looking back in history to see the prophesies that were written have actually happened.

To be rooted in something, you need something solid to hold on to.

To be rooted in something, you need something solid to hold on to. Not something that changes by culture, traditions or fashion trends. You might say we live in a different world from the time the Bible was written. However in the Bible I see financial principles, social justice, environmental principles, relational guidance and much more. Times may have changed but human experiences are still the same. I heard it put this way about the Bible, it is “a diverse story of God and how His people connect with Him over the centuries in changing circumstances and situations”. It is as relevant today as it was when it was written. 

In the Bible we are given the reason why God wanted us to have it in the first place. God wanted to teach us what is true and guide our lives. In the messiness of this world, it through the Bible I find the solution for the mess, that helps me understand which side is the right side up and I am not left to figure it out for myself. But more than that a it through the Bible I understand who God is unfiltered. I’m not seeing Him through cultural adaptation or through someone else’s understanding of who God is. I’m seeing Him for myself. 

And God has given it us to prepare us to do every good work (2 Timothy 3:17). It is more that a just a book of teachings and interesting stories, God has given to us so that we can know Him and live our best lives.